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What are the uses of Coated Paper Stickers?


Uses of Coated Paper Stickers:

1. Product packaging: Coated paper stickers are widely used in the product packaging industry, which can increase the beauty and attractiveness of products and enhance consumers' desire to buy.

2. Advertising: Exquisite coated paper stickers can be used as advertising materials and pasted on public places or products to achieve the effect of publicity and promotion.

3. Books and magazines: In the publishing industry, coated paper stickers are often used for the covers and illustrations of books and magazines to improve the visual effects and reading experience of publications.

4. Personal DIY and handicrafts: Coated paper stickers are also often used in personal DIY and handicraft production, such as making handbooks, decorative cards, etc., to play their creative and beautifying role.

In general, Coated Paper Stickers play an important role in product packaging, advertising, publishing industry, personal DIY and handicrafts with its excellent printing performance, high gloss and smoothness, durability and wide applicability.

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