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How to store self-adhesive labels.

The label is usually imported paper. There is no problem with the adhesive and the viscosity is normal. How to store such adhesive label?

1. Keep the label at room temperature, the temperature is about 25 degrees, and the humidity is about 60%. The location cannot be directly exposed to the sun or rain.

2. The label should be sealed when stored, even if it is not used up, it needs to be sealed. Try to use it up within 3 years. What changes will happen to the adhesive and coating on the label will ultimately affect the use effect.

3. When storing the label, please keep it flat and do not fold it. When the label is placed, the pressure on the label is too high, the adhesive is easy to overflow, and the label will stick.

4. When using, pay attention to the contact of temperature and humidity, and stick a non-drying label. Different materials and glue should be selected for different items. 
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