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Why does the roll sticker printing use offset printing?


Self-adhesive printing is one of the more commonly used traditional crafts in the printing industry. Self-adhesive printing was basically sheet-fed printing at the beginning, and roll-fed paper self-adhesive printing is a new attempt in recent years.

The use of roller offset printing to print self-adhesive labels can make up for the deficiencies of flexographic printing and embossing in tone reproduction, making long-toned printed matter easier to print and replicate. In letterpress printing, self-adhesive printing companies often encounter the problem of constantly changing the film. This is mainly because the original documents brought by the salesperson are in offset printing format, so the printing company must readjust the calibration according to the actual situation of its own machinery and equipment And color separation, clear small and large printable dots.

Today, offset printing eliminates these problems because offset printing is full-tone printing. The printing quality of self-adhesive stickers has been greatly improved. In the next few years, self-adhesive labels for roll offset printing will develop rapidly. Now some domestic manufacturers of reciprocating paper conveyors are more optimistic about this model, because the offset printing technology has nothing new, but a new combination.

Offset stickers have some special industrial markets, such as medical labels. This is because when medical labels are manually marked, sheet-fed offset printing is used. Nowadays, with the roller offset press, it can automatically label and print fine pictures and text, making self-adhesive printing easier. What needs to be clearly pointed out is that the self-adhesive label of roller offset printing is only a way, and it cannot change the big pattern of letterpress printing.

Self-adhesive printing is one of the more suitable methods for combined printing. Many cosmetics labels we see in shopping malls are basically printed like this. 

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