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Three tips for the use of self-adhesive printing.


Compared with traditional labels, self-adhesive labels have the advantages of no glue, no sticking, no dipping, no pollution, and greatly saving labeling time. They are widely used and more convenient and faster. Various self-adhesive stickers can be affixed to materials that cannot be used with ordinary paper labels. Self-adhesive stickers are usually printed and processed on the label linkage, which can realize multiple processes at a time, such as graphic printing, die cutting, waste discharge, cutting and rewinding. 

It can be seen that self-adhesive stickers have high requirements for printing technology and printing equipment. The following self-adhesive printing manufacturers will tell you to pay special attention to the following points when choosing self-adhesive stickers:

1.The self-adhesive label should be flat and the rewinding tension should be symmetrical.
The self-adhesive sticker should be flat, and the rewinding tension should be even. Good flatness during printing, accurate conveying, operation, registration and rewinding. The rewinding tension of the film should be symmetrical and appropriate. If the tension is too small, the film material will be slack, and the vertical and horizontal overprinting will be inaccurate; if the tension is too large, the material will shrink horizontally, the overprinting will be unstable, and normal printing will not work.

2.The thickness of the self-adhesive sticker must be even, and the strength index must meet the standard.
The thickness of the self-adhesive sticker must be uniform and the strength index must be up to standard. The printing pressure released during the printing process is closely related to the thickness of the sticker. If the thickness is asymmetrical, the printing pressure will be asymmetrical, resulting in label prints or light ink shades. If the film strength is poor, the film tension cannot be controlled during the printing process, which will have a great impact on die cutting and waste discharge.

3. Adopt comprehensive considerations such as environment and user requirements.
According to the type, grade, product quality, veneer characteristics, application environment and user requirements, etc. If you put a clear polypropylene sticker on the transparent bottle, you can create a sense of fashion without a label, improve the grade of the product, and stimulate consumers' desire to buy. 
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