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  • Barcode stickers are typically made of paper or synthetic materials.


  • Decoration: Vinyl stickers are often used for decorative purposes, whether it's adding flair to personal items like laptops, water bottles, phone cases, or home decor items such as walls, furniture, and windows. Branding and Marketing: Many businesses use vinyl stickers to promote their brand, products, or services. These stickers can be affixed to products, packaging, vehicles, storefront windows, or promotional materials.


  • First of all, we must also understand the basic structure and function of each part of the self-adhesive material as a printing material. The structure of self-adhesive material from the surface is composed of three parts, namely, surface material, adhesive and bottom paper, but from the perspective of manufacturing process and quality assurance, self-adhesive material is composed of seven parts


  • Ningbo Brothers Printing Co., Ltd. is a well-known kraft paper sticker manufacturer and supplier in China.


  • Ningbo Brothers Printing Co., a professional paper stickers manufacturer and supplier.If you want to know more about paper stickers,please contact us now.


  • 1.Vinyl Stickers are waterproof, heat resistant, and reusable. The pattern is independent, without cutting, that is, it can be freely matched and used repeatedly.


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